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Modernity and tradition, simplicity and refinement are happily meeting in Montreal at Japanese bistro Kinoya, an authentic izakaya. Similar to a tapas bar, the izakaya is growing in popularity in our midst. In Japan, it is the destination of choice for a nomikai between work colleagues or an evening with friends. Following the custom, Kinoya is based on the principle of sharing between dinning guests the food that complements alcoholic beverag es. Within these uniquely contemporary designed spaces, Kinoya’s signature is revealed through an inventive menu, as much an aesthetic and a point of view on taste. The harmony of textures, flavours and colours is a priority. Ingredients that are chosen for their freshness and special gustative quality, generous servings, in addition to affordable prices, also contribute to make of Kinoya a memorable culinary delight.

Irasshaimase (welcome) to the heart of the wonderful flavors of Asia!